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From IA — 03/22/2010

I've worked for Target and for WalMart, Target in most ways is FAR better. Working at Walmart now for appx 1 1/2 years, I work in Professional Services within the store and its so different from the Sales Floor or other areas of the store. I have a great manager who treats us fairly and helps us learn as much as we can and leads you towards your goals and management if desired. My store manager, well lets just say he comes off as a big jerk, cant even get my name right when I wear a badge clear as day.

The rest of management I would say for me about 85% are very good, respectable and give everyone the respect they have earned. As for Associates, it really sucks because a portion of them are horrible and am surprised that they have or still have jobs there. No hellos, no good mornings no nothing, poor attitudes etc you get the picture. Another group wont even look at you even when you address them first they just walk by like you never said a word. A very very small group is friendly and polite, other than this small group of good employees the rest are rude loud abnoxious and ignorant.

I have worked with other managers from other stores in my field and understand how lucky I am to be where I am at and hope that wont change anytime soon. If it does I will likely have to find another job because I know a good group is so hard to find.

Dont get me wrong, I thank them for my job and take pride in my work but I dont like saying that I work for WalMart. The quality of the people that work there and the majority of the people that shop in there makes me feel the way i do.
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