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From colorado — 08/27/2010

PAY: the pay at walmart isn't that great if you are just starting out. even if you are certified in a particular field, you do NOT get compensated for your knowledge. they have had a private company come in and dictate wa pay scale for their positions, and they pretty much stick to it.
RESPECT: the company makes it a value to value their employees, but some management does not practice this value, while others it all comes down to who your manager is and their individual values as a person.
BENEFITS: you gotta be there for 90 days until you are eligible to receive your discount card, that's a longer wait than some companies, but it's nice that they do offer one to their employees.
JOB SECURITY: they do background checks on employees they hire, which is more than most companies today. if you are a hard worker, are open to working many areas in the store, and have a flexible schedule too work, it's a pretty secure job, more than most companies are offering in this poor economy.
WORK?BALANCE: they seem to value you as person, making it understood that when you are off the clock you do NOT work unless you are on the clock. that's nice and appreciated.
CAREER POTENTIAL: it's there if you work hard and do all the hunting around to get the position you want.
LOCATION: the company is located all over the area in most states, you do have the ability to transfer to a store that is close to your home if it's a hardship, i respect them for that.
CO_WORKER COMPETENCE:it depends on the person. for the most part many co-workers will help you learn the system so everyone can work together in harmony.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: it depends on the store, the management. many customers get really rude with the employees, i'm surprised in the customers ill-behavior in treating employees. for the most part the stores are huge, and not every employee knows everything, but they will always go out of their way to try and find out an answer for a customer and help them.

its good company in tough times to have a job at, but the pay could be better.
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