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From Jackson,Tn — 12/02/2009

I have worked for Waffle House on and off for more than 7 years, and my brother-in-law one and off for almost 25 years. While working for Waffle House can be frustrating and aggrevating because of some of the co-workers, I have found there is usually a core of long standing employees that can make up for it.

One grill op I worked with is definatly what all little Waffle House ops should aspire to. I have had customers sitting at the counter just to watch him cook. I have been one of two employees working a shift that made over $1100, and after serving as everything from door corps to relief manager I can honestly say that you get from Waffle House what you are willing to put in.

Any company can only hire people that come to them, and I have seen alot of things like on some of the earlier reviews, but if all you can find is something wrong with the place you work, is there a chance you might be part of the problem.

My Waffle experience included having to take alot of days off when either my heart was failing (I have had to use ambulance attendants that were eating there at the time for help atleast twice), or when my husband was in the hospital getting over surgery for his cancer. Never once did they question me about it, and actually never asked me for a med excuse when I just didn't feel like working because of my heart,but wasn't bad enough to go to the doc.

Our last district manager was with our franchise for 10 years and even longer with Waffle Inc. The one before him had been in our town for probably 20 years and another before that. He worked for them as a regional manager until he passed. In the last few months another manager filled in his job, because they refused to replace him incase he got better.

Once again I say, you get out of a job what you put in it. sometimes its not the business that is at fault, but some of the employees. And just for the record I have been forced into early retirement so I haven't worked there for over a year, but I really miss it.
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