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From Florida — 10/22/2009

If you decide to train with Waffle House, and you think you hate it in the doesn't really get better. At least not for me and I've been here 7 months. But if all you care about is money, go for it. That's all management here cares about so you'll fit in.

I hate my job. The only thing that keeps me here is the fact that I'm a recent college graduate with almost no experience and I have bills to pay. Every time I want to quit they tell me all the reasons I should stay. I have never in my life worked for such a cheap company. It's pretty pathetic. One of my upper managers' husband does our tiling in the kitchen area...he does THE worst job ever. Even the customers comment on how terrible it looks. The floors are uneven, not even dipping toward the drains so water just pools everywhere. I

t's embarrassing to manage a Waffle House with so many problems. The ceiling tiles are falling down (I literally have suare holes in my ceiling where they've just fallen down). There are leaks everywhere, there is a terrible smell coming from all my drains (I'm told that problem has been there since they build the building about 15+ years ago), and my AC units are all rusted. It's hard to mold a pile of crap into anything other than a pile of crap.

I feel like upper management will say anything to get people to stay because it affects their bonuses. They lose money when people quit. I really think this company takes advantage of people. How can ONE person manage a unit that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? I've worked at numerous restaurants that weren't open 24 hours and even they had several assistant managers.

You want to know how else they save money? They get their servers to bus and wash all the dishes. They won't pay anyone outside the company or at least pay extra for their extra work. It's disheartening to feel stuck in a company that I feel this negatively about. I am currently looking for another job. But since I do have a good-paying job, I want to make sure what I'm going to is better. I'd hate to leave a crappy job with benefits for another crappy job where I have to start all over.
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