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Job Security1
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Greenville, SC — 02/25/2009

Pay: The pay can be excellent for what you are doing (around $11 an hour). Many times you are paid this much for writing simple reports, doing simple patrols, and being sociable. However, if you are at a dangerous site, you have to consider that a price shouldn't be put on your life (yes, they have some sites this bad, but you CAN refuse!)
Respect: In general, you will never receive the same respect as, say, a police officer. Many people know that you are a "rental cop." With that being said, I almost always felt that people respected me as an authority figure.
Benefits: Not too cheap (I didn't accept), but not terrible.
Job Security: This has been the most unfortunate aspect of this job. I love this job, and that's saying a lot. However, if a contract is lost at a site you work at (happens more than anybody would care to admit), you can find yourself jobless with very little warning and at no fault of your own. Company loyalty/seniority means very little.
Work/Life Balance: You tell them what shifts you are available (they have all three), and you can work overtime or not (your choice really). Very flexible people. You have to be careful with turning down requests though, because your hours might get cut.
Career Potential/Growth: You can move up in ranks, but this does not increase your pay, and really doesn't effect your respect either.
Location: You can be at dangerous sites (horrible public housing, dark/semi-vacant facilities, etc.). Most are safe though.
Co-worker Competence: I love the people I worked with, became genuinely good friends with them, and actually care about them...most of them. All it takes is one officer who is dying to play chief ALL THE TIME, constantly on a power trip, to ruin your work experience (I am not talking about any specific officer, as this happens more often than you could imagine; almost every site has a few of these.)
Work Environment: Cons: It could be dangerous/repetitive, and probably will be boring. Pros: It will probably be easy, you will hang out with friendly co-workers who are probably laid back, and you might turn out to like the job as much as I have.
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