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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
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Work Environment5

From Portland, Oregon — 11/18/2007

I think it really depends on which branch of Wackenhut you work for. I worked for the portland branch for almost a year. I really liked it an quite honestly was not upset at all with how people were treated. I give kudos to the way they were running things there. They had to take a crummy situation and make it good, and they did a good job of it. We all hated the goofy ugly nasty uniforms and we all hated the long hours of standing in one spot, but Wackenhut in Portland seemed really good at making up for that. They were not anti union in fact one major contract I worked for was unionised and they seemed pretty fair. I worked for several different contract durring my time working for them. They really never made me angry. I actually enjoyed working there. They bent over backwards for me one time due to a mixup with my military record.
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