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From Delray Beach, FL — 12/13/2009

I have worked for Wachovia for over 5 years. Even since Wells Fargo took over I have hated working there. I am a manager and the stress level is at times unbearable. It's all about SELL SELL SELL! We are constantly short staffed and our leaders see this as an opportunity for more sales!!!! While I understand that I work for a Retail Bank, I also have a conscience and morals. Our leaders don't care how we get our sales just as long as we get them. Our DM is ridiculous. She is constantly emailing everyone at all hours of the day and even when she's on vacation. I am trying to hang on because I really do love what I do and I love our customers but if this is the way Wells Fargo runs their branches I will be looking for a job somewhere else.
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