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From IRVING — 08/16/2008

RESPECT: Well, you almost always start out in customer service, but after a year, you get trained for six weeks, and then you fly. After a year of good performance, depending on your degree, if you have one, how fast you are, and how well you interview, there are tons and tons aof different departments, branches, and corporate levels you can apply for. They are very good when it comes to letting you explore opportunities, even if you want to cross train with antoehr office just to check out the job.

Salary- It's extremely good if you start off in California and move to a different state. In most cases they let you keep your California salary. I can not really speak for other states, but I can say that I have heard both bad and good about starting salaries and increases. That is the bad thing, you never really know what your increase will be, or if you will get one. I have gotton one almost every year, but the most I got was 10%, and that was becasue I promoted to a different department. Later that year I got 1.5%, and the next year 3%. Not really a big deal.

Benefits- They are a Fortune 500 company, and the benefits are great. Very good Medical coverage, 401k plan, that lets you take out three loans at a time, dental, life insurance, pre paid legal services, tuition reimbursement, and tons and tons of time off. One of my co-workers started a year ago, and literally called in sick about twice a month, and it took them a year to fire hime.

Job Security is ok where I am because I am in Auto Loans. Our mortgage and banking done seem to be doing very well at all, but so far I have not had any information pertaining to my job being in danger.

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