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From Atlanta, GA — 08/04/2008

Wachovia is like any other large corporation. There are some highs and lows. Yes, the new hires are paid more or just as much as the employees who have been with the company for a number of years. That's normal according to the employment statistics and re-evaluation of job families. Wachovia had excellent training. Yes, even before the Wachovia/First Union merger. If you're in retail banking, and in an FS role, you're as good as your last sale. Each month is a new beginning to obtain that $1mm loan, $1mm deposits, and $2mm investment goals. It was very stressful. You must work long hours and every other Saturday. Not to mention your lead calls and Lord have mercy on your soul if you didn't work your book of business and update your leads! If you know what you are getting into prior to your first day at Wachovia, you should do well.
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