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From Princeton Alexander — 08/01/2008

Pay: excellent for the job. What do you expect, more? You work in Retail Banking. "Retail", as in McDonald's is retail, Gap is retail.

Respect: Good. Good co-workers. Upper management is responsive to questions and demands.

Benefits: Average. I've worked at other banks and got better vesting, better benefits at lower cost. Wasn't too happy when our stock dropped to $7.50 that other Tuesday, but I got my husband to buy 100 shares at about 10 dollars and we sold today for a nifty 50% profit.

Job Security: Excellent. Do your job and you get to keep it.

Work/Life Balance: Average. Hours are flexible, but be willing to put in. No worse than other retail establishments.

Career Potential: Good. I was promoted and eventually titled 4 times in two years. (No big deal, since it is banking. Everone has titles that mean nothing). But-- at least there's no need to brown-nose at Wachovia. Do your job. Put points on the board. Bring in the sales.

Location: Great. Branches everywhere. I live in Princeton and work in the Junction. Never work more than 10-15 minutes away from your home if you are in retail banking. It's a waste of time and money.

Co-worker competence and work environment: Astoundingly good. Our tellers are professional (I was one!). Ask any customer if they've ever had better customer service at a bank. I feel bad that my coworkers do not earn more. We hit our numbers, sales and survey-wise.

For anyone with doubts about Wachovia, learn more about banking. Many bureaucratic issues and regulations and sales requirements just come with the territory. It's just the nature of the business. Banking is a a good job if you're the second-income earner in your family.

Get out of retail banking if you hate people, people's problems, or servicing people. This is a SERVICE job. This is RETAIL. Many people go into branch banking with their eyes closed. You SERVE. You sell RETAIL. I love banking and customers. If you love banking and calming angry people down (and selling them a home equity line to boot), Wachovia is ideal. If you are lukewarm about service and retail, you're better off getting an accountant or analyst position.
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