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From Jacksonville, Alabam — 02/24/2008

The Pay is great, for the job I do, I get paid alot more than someone in a similar job at atother bank. Other bankers in the area are always trying to get a job at wachovia.
Respect from the community and from upper management is definitely there. Upper Management knows how important it is to keep Branch employees happy, they are constanly offering extra incentive in the form of pay or time off.

If I need time off or to come in late or leave early, no problem, as long as I can maintain my work load and meet goals, they wouldn't care if I played golf every day.
If I want to go to lunch and if I seem someone I know, They say go ahead pay for their lunch, use your corporate card. Of course I use my better judgement and only do it if I think I can get business out of it, or build a better relationship with a client.

Branches everywhere.

If I have a question, help is just a phone call away. CBS can answer any question and will help you fix something or give advise. Never wait on hold more that 3 seconds.

co-workers know their role. It makes for a smooth workday.

I Love Wachovia

But, lets be real, their are goals and they are tuff, and they do go up. But so what, thats in everyjob that pays more than minimum wage.
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