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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From chicago, IL — 07/08/2010

Pay - starting, I made minimum wage but have worked my way up with reviews. The more you work there and move up, the more you make.

Respect - I have learned that respect needs to be earned. When I started, I was kinda shut out, but the longer I worked there and the harder I tried, the more respect I got and the more I bonded with the girls I work with.

Benefits - only given to store and assistant managers

Job Security - I have only seen people let go for stealing, so as long as your honest your ok

Work/Life Balance - They are always good about working around my class schedule and honoring my time off. but when you are scheduled 4-5 days a week, its hard to keep a social life.

Career Potential/Growth - This company is very easy to move up in. I know several girls in my store who within months to years have moved from associate to manager . I have been here for almost a year and have been promoted twice. VS also has a program where you can take class to become a store manager and they find you a store to be a full time manager in

Location - my store is less than 10 min from my school

Co-Worker Competence - I think most girls are hired for their professionalism and not skill. Some girls are amazing at what they do and others have to remain at one spot in the store (no versatility) because they just cannot grasp other positions. But if you ever have a question, there is always someon ewilling to help you and answer you. I LOVE my co-workers!!!

Work Environment - When I started, many girls looked the other way. I really only felt welcomed by 2 people. Since then, we have become a much more "open" store. Every associate or custmoer who comes in is treated with respect. I always have fun going into work and the girls I work with make work fun. If you make the job fun, the customers will find shopping there fun.
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