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4.5Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Bellevue, WA — 03/22/2010

-Pay is minimum wage
-Great discount, and we get all new launch bras for $15 plus a ton of free beauty products
-I really love working here but sometimes if I am having a hard time selling the card to customers, I get worried that they will threaten to fire me. I just keep offering it, and make sure they see that I am really trying and I actually think I get more cards than some of the other associates.
-On work/life balance: a lot of on calls at this job. not an issue for me because I'm just a student but if I were a parent of something, it would be difficult.
-If you work hard enough, you can work your way up the ladder for sure
-Located in Bellevue location
-Our store is really focused on excellent customer service so it is a very professional and friendly environment. You are taught never to ignore a customer. There is something for everyone in the store, sometimes they just need help finding it. All my co-workers are so helpful. Together we do team-sales, locate merchandise, practice bra fittings and role play with each other to better ourselves.
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