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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From San Diego, Ca — 12/06/2009

Pay -- It is PT retail sales .... get over it, you are going to get minimum wage. Don't attack Limited Brands, attack corporate greed. For that, it gets a 5 as its standard.

Respect - Since transferring from another store, and working in several retail locations at a couple companies, this is the most cohesive store management team.

Benefits - 30% discount is great, as well as 305 at Bath & Body Works and Henri Bendel. Free and discounted lotions are great as well. As a guy, I can not take advantage of free bras

Job Security - I am a top cashier and credit performer. I frequently have 25-30 hrs. A message to the people with just on-calls --- Get off your lazy butt and do something at work. In order for a company to succeed at their business, they need solid sellers. I realize that some of you may never get a chance to prove yourself, but work hard and stop bemoaning the system. Get over it.

Work/Life Balance - Aces is the online scheduling system that is easy to use and I can't think of any job that doesn't expect some sort of set availability. The company is not responsible for you not budgeting time or your need for a social life.

Career Potential/Growth - Prove that you have the drive to succeed and passion to receive promotions, you will be put on a development plan that usually gets you to where you want to be within 6 months. Granted, you have to be competent at your job.

Location - In a great downtown open-air mall. 4 blocks from my house.

Co-worker competence - This can be divided into two categories ... a) regular employees and b) holiday help. Granted, seasonal help is hired at a hectic time; but they still receive adequate on-boarding, It is not VSs fault if you are not the brightest and can't comprehend training. Looking at the entries, most of you can't even spell; or even realize how to use spell check.

Work environment - It is a fun store, with great clientele and awesome product. My store is a red flag store for shrink, but we are also in a very transient part of the city. We do the best we can.

Work/Life Balance
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