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4.6Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Michigan — 11/03/2009

I can't complain about my pay at VS. I'm a sales associate and still make pretty well above minimum wage.

Do your job correctly, and you will receive all the respect in the world from your co-worker's and managers. My manager's can be intimidating at times, however, do what they tell you to do and you will not get yelled at or feel pressured to sell more then you are capable of.

I am a part time associate, therefore, do not receive benefits.

-Job Security-
I never feel like my job is at risk really. We are a very high volume store and generally make plan. As long as your do your job right, you don't have anything to worry about.

-Work/Life Balance-
I never feel like VS takes up my life outside of work. While sometimes days feel long and never ending, once I leave work it doesn't follow me home.

-Career Potential/Growth-
From what I have heard, they do their best to promote within. In the few months I've been there I've seen quite a few associates receive some type of promotion that have worked there for a significant amount of time (1year +).

My work is only 15 minutes from home.

-Co worker competence-
I get along great with all the girls who work there and 99% of them do there job really well!

-Work Environment-
The environment is nice and for working with some many girls, not a lot of cadiness or gossip. Maybe my store is an exception but I absolutely love working at VS and feel like it is a really great place to be employed.
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