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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Florida — 09/27/2009

Pay: The consensus seems to be correct. It is pretty mild. I get paid just above minimum wage (7.76).

Respect: I've worked in two Victoria's Secrets and I've NEVER had a problem with respect. EVER. I don't know if it's because I don't take things soo personally. Considering the way they train you is throw you out there after watching a day of videos and one day of shadowing for about thirty minutes in each department, I could see how it could be annoying to have someone repeat something five million times when you know what your doing. I just see it as coaching while others complain. If you have an idea and you make it known it is a very comforting feeling. They listen even if they don't agree.

Job Security: I've never heard of anyone getting fired for a stupid reason. Only if they stole things. So many people would miss shifts even and they didn't even get a big deal made out of it. I feel very secure in my job.
Work/Life Balance-I, like everyone else, do not like the call-ins. especially the fact that YOU have to call THEM. BUT, it is VERY easy to get someone to take the call-in for you or trade. I live in a college town now so even more now.

Career Potential/Growth: I would say that is VERY easy to move up if you express interest, be persistant and let your ideas be known, and bring your energy to work to show you CARE about your customers. Ask a million questions about performance, (i.e. did that bra make it to the resgister?)

Location: before it was about thirty minutes, now about ten. not too bad.

Co-worker competence: Like I said before, the training there isn't as wonderful as it should be. Most of my coworkers ask for help if they need it or refer to old hires and are eager to learn, so if they aren't compentant at least they are working on it :D

Work environment: The credit is a little stressful, thats the only negative I could say. Only because I don't agree with credit cards and I hate badgering people and you can tell they just want you to leave them alone :( and nothing sucks worste than seeing a customer super happy you helped them and once you ask their smile turns to.. not a smile. I LOVE how many customers give compliments and how it is very easy to make them happy because I am confident in this brand and LOVE it. All my managers and coworkers are chatty and smart. They all at least pretend to value your opinion. lol. You feel like you are part of a team while balancing with work. Plus, its the only place I'm ever comfortable to be my OCD freak self :D They pay attention to detail and that detail makes me excited (i.e. on the new Very Sexy pink bras the strap adjusters have LOVE PINK on them) I also like that I have a responsibility to make goals such as the sale plan and credit plan.
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