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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Seattle, wa — 09/02/2009

Although the pay isnít great, it IS retail, there are over 1000 Victoriaís Secret stores throughout the nation. If each of those stores have an average of 25 sales associates each, how much can they really afford to pay us? Yes, we make the company a lot of money, but it is a company, and they are making money.

The respect I receive from my management team and associates is wonderful. Iím never disrespected or treated badly. My managers are always open to new ideas and love hearing from their associates.
A lot of people on here have mentioned the credit push, but itís no different than pushing a customer to buy a bra. Ultimately itís all about brand loyalty and encouraging sales. The three noís is a more like a guideline than a rule. It depends on the customer of course. Some will tell you no right away and if they seem VERY certain they donít want the card, I let them know that I wont bother them about it, and was just trying to offer them a ton of savings with us. Usually they actually thank me instead of getting mad.

There arenít many benefits until youíre a full time CSL/manager, which is understandable, again, there are 1000 VS stores, they cant afford to give ALL of those employees PTO and insurance. If benefits are that important to you, work hard and get your ass promoted! Besides, we get a 30% discount (40% if youíre full time) and lots of free bras and make up, etc on gratis. Everyone loves that right?

Job Security
I think my job security is great actually. Many of the people on here posted really negative things about the company on here, but Iíve never questioned my worth to my store. I think the people who say that their managers would replace them in a heartbeat, is because you arenít working hard enough. You donít like your job and it shows. Find a job that you love to do, and youíll have great job security and get the respect you want. If you donít want to be at your job or be respectful of the people you work with/for, why should they want to keep you around?
Work/Life Balance It is somewhat hard to balance my work and social life. I work 36+ hours a week, I go to the gym, tan every few days, spend time with my friends one day a week and see my boyfriend every night. It can be done if itís important to you.

Career Potential/Growth
The other people who wrote into this are just stupid. Career growth is HUGE to this company. Talk to your manager, express that you want to move up, tell them what you have done to help with the success of your store, and what you WILL do to further better yourself. THEY WILL LISTEN. Believe me, 4 months ago I told our Brand Delivery and Operations Manager that I wanted to move up. I was a sales support (stock) associate at the time and had worked there for 2 months. She was THRILLED! Our store manager was on maternity leave at the time but my Brand Delivery manager got me started on my pathway. We mapped out where I wanted to get to eventually and how. She gave me a touchbase and told me what I was doing well on and what I needed to work on. Since then Iíve been promoted to Operations and Staffing Coordinator, and just today was offered a temporary holiday roll as Merchandise Flow Supervisor. Believe me, to those of you who say the company/managers donít care, youíre just lazy. Get off your ass and make it happen, or quit. Because this company is too good to have lazy employees who have already checked out before they even clock in.

The location is great, I work about 20 minutes (more or less depending on traffic) from my house. I have another VS store that is a smaller volume but is about 10 minutes away, I have another store about 45 minutes south. Another thatís 45 minutes north. Theyíre all over, wherever I might move to in my state There will be a VS close by.

Co-worker Competence
Most of the girls I work with are wonderful. Very very knowledgeable and fun to be around. There are only a few that donít want to be there, and believe me, they are the ones being replaced (like those girls on here saying their managers donít care and would easily replace them).

Work Environment
The work environment, well itís a retail store. Itís brightly lit, fast pace, energetic, and can get messy. But thatís what you get for being in customer service. :)
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