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Job Security4
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From Farmington, CT — 12/09/2008

Respect- I have never had a problem, I feel that as in any job you give people respect you will get it back. While some employees may not be as friendly, I have never had anyone disrespect me. Furthermore, if you did have a problem, there is ample resources for you to turn to.

Benefits- Only full timers get the good ones, ie; 40 percent, health, 401K. Although the 30 percent and free stuff from time to time for the rest of us is better then any other company on the account their bra's are 50 dollars minimum.

Job Security- It's retail.

Work Life- They love you if you stay late, come in early, basically devote yourself to them when they need you, but they also notice and compensate for that too. In my company they have been understanding when others as well as myself have had transportation problems and family problems. Although, this is not to say they will tolerate this all the time.

Growth- It's hard, as least where I am working. I think smaller stores might be easier, but the bigger stores that aren't doing well might experiences problems. Hours aren't always there is you don't make your sales and as stated before, full time positions aren't plentiful. Depends where in the company you work too. Sales floor hours are available more, but backroom hours can be cut more easily.

Co- worker competence- There are always people that s*ck at their job, and my location has a few of them, but so does every company. It can get straining when you find yourself picking up and fixing other peoples laziness but, it will get noticed when you do. Furthermore, if you speak up (to the right people) things can get changed.

Work environment- Nice. its the mall, air conditioning in the summer, you get to look and smell nice, nothing too gross about your job, except the customers. Hahaha. No it's a wide varitey of people and some are mean and others can become your best friend.

Overall, not a bad company to work for. If you work backroom it can get frustrating always being blamed for some of the problems in the store and furthermore if your store doesn't do well, you will know. It depends how much of a career you want to make it. Your average sales girl won't find too many discrepancies IF she can SELL. If you don't make your numbers, be prepared to find out.
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