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From Pennsylvania — 09/11/2010

First of all, any job is what you make it. I've worked for Limited Brands for over 8 years, first with Victoria's Secret and then with Bath and Body Works. The company has been like a second home to me. My management teams have been wonderful, and I've seen many regime changes.

The Pay is what you make of it. I've received a comparable raise every year, after receiving stellar annual reviews. Good companies don't reward poor work.

I have always been treated with, and treated my co-workers with respect. I started as a part time sales associate and worked my way up through the ranks to full time management. When I began my teaching career I was able to drop back into the role of part time associate seamlessly, and I CHOOSE to stay because I love the people I work with, not because I need the money.

The benefits are comparable to many corporations in America. They aren't the best benefits in the world, but I've also had the experience that when I needed benefits my team did everything possible to get me full time status so I could receive benefits. My team respected me and didn't want to lose me, so they did what they could to keep me there.

The balance between life and work can get a little hairy. There are people with Limited Brands that bleed for the company. There are call in shifts that don't always get used, but as a person who was a manager I understand the need for the call in shifts. If a person calls out or if we get an influx of shipment, an additional person is needed. Plan like it is a shift, and if you aren't used enjoy your time off :)

Because it is a part-time retail job for most, the help isn't always competent. Many of us 'lifers' are wary of new help because we've seen how bad they can be, and how much damage they can do. Most people don't understand what is involved in a backroom at a place like VSS or BBW. There is a lot of organization and heavy lifting. If someone doesn't follow protocol it can make things extremely difficult for a seasoned associate who has to go behind and fix everything.

Overall I have loved my job with both VSS and BBW. Are there ups and downs? Sure. There have definitly been days when I thought it wasn't worth it, but overall these are both stores where I could go, do my job and have a great time with co-workers and customers. Isn't that what everyone wants in a part time job?
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