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From Brooklyn and Long Island, NY — 08/07/2010

I worked for the company now known as Verizon for 18 years, 11 in customer service and 7 in accounting before voluntarily accepting an 'income protection plan' that was offered in my department a few years ago. When you go to work everyday wishing you can get sick or injured so you can have some time off, it's time to go.


Excellent pay; excellent benefits...I was able to take up to a year maternity leave when each of my children was born...Tuition reimbursement.


Sales numbers have become much more important than customer service, so much so that we were expected to sell on each and every call, inclucing from those who couldn't pay their bills most months. If you didn't and a manager was observing, you got a tongue lashing and a warning in your file. This created a 'cut throat' atmosphere where some reps were stealing sales from other reps or adding services to customer accounts without their permission to meet the high quota's. Some were good at covering their tracks. Some were caught and fired.

The union seemed to be there for the 'trouble makers' and people who were trying to 'get over' more than those who are hard working and honest. Most of the stewards I remember were more like bullies.

Pay and benefits are great, but at Verizon, they come at a potentially heavy price: Your soul.
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