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From Charlotte, NC — 06/25/2010

I worked for Verizon since December 09. The center I work in was Alltel previously. In training , I couldn't have been more excitied to start. Once we got on the floor everything changed. Since we were a previous alltel center we only took alltel calls i was hiring for verizon wireless so we had maybe 1 day of alltel training. We were all so lost and customer were so mad to be a company most of them hated that is why there were with Alltel not Verizon. So i stuck out with all the escalated alltel calls and finally made it to "Verizon calls" a bit better but it got worse. The coaching sessions started and quality. FCR was our big thing no matter if you solved there problem if you weren't the first one they talked to..FAILED! After having a guy cuss me and his girlfriend out at this time using words Ive never heard of, I knew it was time to give it up. My depression anxiety was out the roof, the money is good don't get me wrong but it was either the money or my sanity, i choose my sanity.
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