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From Savannah, Ga — 07/01/2010

So i was just recently hired with vector. I must say at first i thought it was a scam, so i entered into the job with every possible doubt a person could have. When i walked in the lobby, i found about 8-10 ppl all sitting in business attire filling out applications. The interview process was weird, only because it was a group interview. However, i just recently learned that several buis. are doing so now to save money and time, especially if they have to interview several ppl in a short amount of time. I'm not in need of money. I'm pretty comfortable where i am at. I am a college student as well, with another job. Anyways. Several ppl didnt make it to the 2nd interview. Out of about 30 ppl in the room...the ending result was about 15-17 by the end of the 2nd interview. I never recieved a letter that mentioned 15 dollars and hour. It simply said 15 dollar base pay was promised. Everything that i recieved in the letter wasnt misleading nor did the manager tell me anything different.

Through out training, the manager was answering phone calls from her team. She was just as bubbly and encouraging as she was when she spoke to us (the trainee). She made the enviornment extremly positive. I have no reason to doubt that she wasnt genuine at all, because i walked in one morning unannounced, just as they were opening and found her correcting a receptionist in the most professional and friendly manner. She didnt have time to even notice i was there, infact she didnt know i was there until she looked up. She even holds a weekly team meeting where everyone disscusses their success and later goes out for a "team outting"....She was completly honest with us and explained simply that she makes her money based off what her team sales....which is like any other company. We were also taught that being pushy is not how to sale and we arent restricted to who we sale to, but we were advised to try family and friends first. We didnt have to make a list and give it to her. She simply told us to create a starting contact sheet to help us out a little. It must be the managers that you all work for, because my job is most certainly not as horrific as some of these experiences i have read.
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