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From Chesapeake, VA — 04/28/2010

I worked for Vanguard for 4 years, and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. My role was Account Manager. I wore many different hats, but my primary focus was sales. If you are interviewing for this company I will say this, ask tough questions about what is to be expected of you each day, month, and year. Ask to speak to people in the role you are interviewing for across the country. I say this because each office is independently owned even though there is a corporate entity that provides support. There are some offices I would never work for because how they operate.

I did my research and got in on the ground floor. Our office was highly successful, we had some down times as well, but I learned a lot about business, and made enough money to buy a house at 24 years old and even take an international trip for 2 weeks.

The pros: each office is a small business and you will have a greater impact and influence in business decisions (if you are good at what you do). Pay is average, sales is what you make of it. There is a lot of support, and the company gets better each year.

The cons: each office is different, some are better than others. This is not a "sexy" industry, but you should be aware of that prior to even deciding to interview. Since each office is a small business you will not be given much time to get up to speed because the bottom is very serious and you are affecting the livelihood of that regions owner.

Great job for someone who is ambitious, creative, and wanting to learn more about business in general.
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