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From Scottsdale, AZ — 02/20/2010

Some of these reviews are just plain shooking, from people who must not have realized they are going to be working, for the most part, in a call-center.

I have been with the company over five years and am still pleased. The pay is pretty decent considering the work most of the people are doing. Not sure why some comments think $34K a year is low to sit around talking on the phone all day - this is more than teachers make so stop complaining.

Respect needs to be earned, so if you are hard working then guess what, you get it from this company.

The benefits are AWESOME. As someone with the higher grade benefit plan (of which there are currently three) it only costs myself $150 monthly, and this has not gone up over the past two years. Some may think this is expensive, but the coverage is great, knowing first hand having used them for some pretty tough medical circumstances.

Work/life balance - I think that comes down to 1) your supervisor, and 2) how often you ask to take advantage of the flexibility. If you are on the late shift, and ask to leave early every Friday, then that is a problem. But if you do ask infrequently then I have never heard of an issue. People complaining about this are probably the employees who are constantly late and get written up for always being late.

Yes, some of the employees are complete idiots, but guess what, you run in to idiots everywhere you go, so why would work be any different? Unfortunately, you can't always make a case for firing these people.

The work environment is perfectly fine - always clean and safe.
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