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From Malvern, PA — 12/12/2008

I love Vanguard, I currently work there now as a phone associate in participant services and can't beleive these reviews. The pay is low but everything else is great. 10% of your salary in a 401k plus a 4% match is ridiculous. Let me see anyone beat that. My first year there I made over 34000 dollars with overtime included. That's not bad. Management has some real great folks, while some do seem like they just got in for diversity reasons. They look at your numbers but if you have competence and you like competition and you work, I mean really work while you are at work, then you will get recognized. They have time requirements with jobs, but jobs open up and if you are good at what you do you will be promoted. If you are never promoted there is a reason. I see so many folks come and just put in 7.5 hours and leave while overtime is offered. They want a promotion. haha. Come on. You have to kiss butt to get ahead? Yes you have to be professional, but I have never kissed a butt in my life and have no doubt that I will be on to bigger and better things. Lateral moves come with a 1000 dollar raise, while promotions come with a 10% increase. You also get a year end review and can get up to a 10% increase from that. Bonuses will probably start at around a little over a 1000 dollars your first year, then keep going up as long as the business does well each corresponding year. Your voice is heard, and you feel good when you leave work. I love this job, and will be working there a long time. I plan on going to get my MBA on their dime, and retire with a very nice sized 401k because of all the help that I have received.
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