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From Charlotte, NC — 06/18/2008

Vanguard could be a great place to start your career if you don't have any idea what you want to do career wise. If you have goals you are trying to achieve then look else where. For example if you start out in a phone position please plan on answering those same phones for about 6 years before you can get to a position that is not on the phones. Management is always stating that there is an abundant opportunities for movement, hmph yeah they call it "lateral movement" meaning you will be doing the exact same thing just under a different department name. And speaking of management the team leaders micromanages which is extremely aggravating and irritating. Also Vanguard makes it really hard to take time off when you need it. You submit your time to have off and it seems like it never get approve, I mean you have the time you should be able to use it when you need to. It seems as though Vanguard is suppose to be the number one priority in your life and the truth is its not, its not even in my top 5. I will say its not all that bad, there is some power behind the name that make people raise their eyebrow and ask questions when they find out you work here, but that's about it. The compensation is ok but there are many other financial institutions that offer more than vanguard for the some positions. Lastly if you have a problem don't waste your time with HR (I know from personal experience) they will do nothing but put you on a "list" (which management say does not exist) and basically keep a watch on you. How do you like that? You went looking for help on how to deal and handle a situation but instead you get black balled.
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