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Job Security5
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From pa — 04/21/2008

The pay is what it is for the job. Problem is they do not pay you for loyalty, in fact after time you start noticing that new hires make more than you. Respect? I guess I can't complain, I have had worse bosses. However, they do micromanage far more than necessary. In addition, there is far too much management there. It really reminds me of Innatech from Office Space.
The benefits are extremely competitive there. You will not find anywhere else that compensates entry level employees the same period.
Work life balance. Well that depends where you work and what they expect from you. It is not too bad here either. If you want to go to grad school they are pretty flexible with tailoring a schedule that suits your needs, within reason.
Growth potential is limited. Not too many individuals wind up going in as a doing data entry associate to become the next CEO in any company. Problem here is that there are over 12,000 employees there and you must be the best of the best to get recognized. Interesting fact- more people get accepted to Harvard Business School then VG and most people there are not Harvard Business School material, so I will leave the deductive reasoning to the reader here.
Location: not too bad, it is centralized in the epicenter of corporate America.
The co-workers make the job tolerable. Most are aware of the situation and are compassionate towards there fellow worker. It is extremely competitive and that is a trait that they harvest in their extensive training; however, it is not hostile nor cut-throat. I will agree with a previous poster that it is rather clique-ish.
The work environment is slightly ridiculous. They have security guards patrolling as if it were Alcatraz and we are all harden criminals, but that seems to be the environment that they want to create. I suppose this is the companies major downfall. They tend to create unmatchable standards that make you feel inadequate and sub-par when not met. Here they call this subjective appraisal a dashboard and on this dashboard you are assigned a color to denote your competency; much like the old sociology study "Brown Eye- Blue Eye" study... kind of makes you feel like the middle child.
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