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From Malvern, Pa — 03/22/2008

The job is what it is. You get very low pay coming into the job, and the only people who make bank are those with technical skills, have experience, work there for a long time, or are willing to trade of pay for perks. Everyone says that "Vanguard is the best place to start a career," therefore if you don't know where you are going they will take advantage of you. If you graduated with average or above average student loan payments don't work there to begin with them. They say that there is growth but only if you know someone, or go after a masters. There are people with MBA's there and not earning even an average pay. The bottom line is if you work there 3 to 7 years, till your vested in the 401k and you are comfortable, get out. Also, if you want a client-facing career, or accounting in the long run it is nice to start here. However, if that's not the case don't settle for vanguard. They pigeon hole everyone, and there are more likely to higher externally then from within regardless of your hard work and ability. Also, a lot of people lack personality, uptight, and cliquish (its almost like high school all over again).

From the start reguardless of what you are doing you get a minumum of 2 weeks paid time of, and you can get money for grad school. Also, what the company doesn't pay you, you do make up in benefits, so if you have a family or are wealthy you will love the insurance and discounts.
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