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From Lawrence, KS — 10/12/2010

Since the company does government contracts, the quality of the work is going to be based on which contract/project you work for. There are multiple projects at the Lawrence facility, but all of the posters appear to be Medicare workers. I can't comment on the Medicare dept., I can only comment on my experience in 3 different departments over a 9 year period.

Pay: The pay is the highest in town for non-skilled workers.

Respect: There isn't a lot of communication between upper management (in Arlington) and the other offices. On-site communication is generally good and respectful.

Benefits: I get corporate benefits. A good EPO medical insurance plan, 15 days of paid vacation every year, 6 days of paid sick time, dental and vision insurance, pre-tax medical and childcare, a 401k plan, and paid holidays.

Job Security: You can't expect a lot of job security working for this company because there is no such thing as a permanent contract. However, good employees will be shuffled around to other projects if one ends.

Work/Life Balance: Given our paid vacation and sick time, plus FMLA/STD if needed, I've had few problems balancing work and life.

Career Potential: I worked my way up from being a CSR and now make double the money, though my responsibilities have probably tripled. Part of it is being bright and working hard, part of it is knowing people and having a personality that's easy to deal with. If you're bitter or a complainer, no one will ever promote you.

Location: It's a bit outside of Lawrence in the country, but relatively close to my house so I've never had issue with it.

Co-Worker Competence: Temps can be a bit iffy, sometimes HR scrapes the bottom of the barrel to get the right number of employees. RFTs are generally well-trained and bright individuals.

Work Environment: Mediocre. I've worked in worse places. The grey cubicles, bathrooms that are constantly abused by employees and weird smells from the lunch and break rooms and a downer sometimes. For the amount of profit this company makes, they should have on-site daycare and a gym.
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