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From BC — 01/15/2010

I find the executive team in BC to be pretty stellar actually. The leadership is always looking for ways to better themselves and the staff, frequently engaging in skill building seminars, job-related coaching, etc. The people in my branch have been working with the company for years, in its varying forms, and they all bring years of experience and passion to the business. I know the company had to reduce the workforce a little this year, due to the economy and everyone seemed to be treated fairly and with respect. I'm not sure where the below reviewer is coming from but it might be worth talking to the people you had issues with?

With regards to the Nanaimo experience, I can't comment on the issue, but I have met Martin Lane and know he doesn't take cutting staff lightly... it also seems like something else was going on because the HR department is very involved in all employee matters. Your story seems incredibly one-sided to me, failing to accept any responsibility. It would be interesting to see Martin to post here in response...
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