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From PA — 12/21/2008

I have and many of my co-workers have been at Valvoline for over 20 years. In fact, I had two friends that retired last week one over 30 years. Not bad huh? Why do you think we have all been here so long? It is because we all understand there is no such thing as a perfect job, but ours is pretty darn good. In the long run, Valvoline has always taken good care of its people. I get tired of reading about "poor me", "it's all about profit and stock holders and nobody cares about the employee". Stop crying, everyone has the opportunity to own stock. Buy some and then you can take advantage of the ownership benifits. It's cheap rignt now And by the way, @ $10 or $11 per share, all the analysts are saying buy now. Meantime, we have lost 85% of the value in the past year, (it can't go much lower). Employees are hired to make a profit for the company and to sell ulitmately sell more stock and build greater returns as the value goes up. Take control of your own destiny. Stop waiting for life to happen to you. Make it happen. If you are not happy .... Leave. We who understand life and like our jobs don't like working with crybabies anyway. Man up and do something about it! You'll see life anit so great out there right now. At least you have a job. Even Bobby Craycraft left at one time in his career and came back! Even he found out that Vavloline is a great family organization. Life is what you make of it and so is your job. You may have a job at Valvoline right now, but you could have a career if you change your own attitude! As far as knowing more than your manager, duh, a good manger surrounds himself with people who know the job maybe better than he does! He gets paid to manage the bottom line and the people. Valvoline is full of good managers who came from unrelated jobs or industries. So is every other company out there. Stop whinning and either leave or work. I love this company and I plan to retire here! I often recommned to friends and family to apply. Ashland is a great place to work!
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