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From Phoenix, AZ — 07/28/2006

Value Options VO has to pay a little above average to get anyone in the door and to have anyone stay for any amount of time. However with 60% turnover at the clinic I was at that still did not keep people.
CAREER POTENTIAL: I stayed nearly four years because of the pay, I was promoted twice, once from a re-org and once out of sheer desperation that they might get someone else completely incompetent. My boss's boss pretty much begged me then pushed me through to promote... in a nutshell I felt totally pushed into taking the position. This is no place to retire, no one stays very long unless they have no education and cannot make the same money due to the low pay valleywide. If you are competent and educated and don't get guilted into a promotion like I did you cannot be promoted unless you kiss a lot of ASS... there is just no other way to be promoted.
RESPECT: None, the more you work, the more work is put off on you, those that are shiftless and imcompetent stay FOREVER and get less work because management dosn't trust them to do anything. Those with no education stay and are just a drain, managing these people was nearly the death of me.
WORK/LIFE/BALANCE: I went on maternity leave for three months and was reminded of it for the next year by my superiors and peers. Even though I routinely worked 45-50 hours a week just to stay even they still did not appreciate it. After I got my masters I started trying to get out. Which made everyone jealous. They hate anyone that can get away and talk about wanting to leave themselves however they never leave. I could never keep employees at times they would leave for .25 more at some other job, or leave with no job at all like I did.
Many employees were sick of getting more and more work, state changes every other day and demanding, rude, demoralizing clients, many of them only with substance abuse problems not mental illness. The new hire training is a joke, they did not prepare the staff for what they were getting into. If I could keep someone a year that was a really long tenured staff member. Most left within months of coming aboard which burned out all the staff that remained.
LOCATION: It is great "if you live in the hood", if you live in any decent part of Phoenix, getting to any VO clinic is quite a pain.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: Let's just say I came home and took a shower instantly when I got off of work, the toilets would always get clogged and I "as a supervisor" was expected to plunge it - came with the promotion.
There are many other companies in the valley to work for and I suggest anyone new coming out of college steer clear of VO, I wish I had.
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