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From Latham, NY — 10/21/2009

I have been working for VO close to 4 years, and have worked in 2 different departments. In both departments, expectations are clear and for the most part reasonable. In the department where I started, management was very laissez faire. There needed to be more involvement, however managers also recognized the stress of working in this particular department and always gave credit where credit was due in the form of raises and promotion. The management in the department where I currently work is supportive, yet also hands off. I get the help I need when I need it, but am able to get my job done otherwise. I don't have people breathing down my neck. I am not the type of person that needs someone breathing down my neck to remind me to do my job. I've found that a majority of my co-workers also don't need constant watching.

Pay is above average, the company works to make sure what they are paying is competitive with multiple insurance companies in the area. Benefits are lackluster, however I am able to attend Weight Watchers meetings at work, and am partially reimbursed for the money spent. I've lost a significant amount of weight while working at VO. The work environment is fun, there are frequent 50/50 drawings and raffles. I've won a few times. Some of the proceeds from these drawings go towards local charities.

Job security is about average with any job. There have been lay offs, there have been efforts to move experienced employees into other positions when their positions have been eliminated. The potential for career growth is there, the company is large and opportunities are always available to make lateral and upward moves into other departments.

Overall, I like working for VO. In the current economic environment, I count myself lucky to be employed at all, and especially lucky to be working for a company that I strongly feel respects and appreciates its hardworking employees.
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