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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Texas — 09/16/2009

We have got an exceptional team that has stayed over a long period of time. Management listens to ideas and implements them. We get a lot of praise for the things we do well. We're in public sector, so the funding isn't as great as we'd like, meaning the salaries aren't as great as we'd like, but they are ok for the industry. I'm surprised at the ratings of V/O in New York and New Jersey, as that is not our experience in Texas. V/O is in lots of other states and it is interesting that only a couple of states seem to be negative. I don't think that is representative of the whole company. The fact that very talented people stay for so many years in Texas indicates to me that it is a good working environment. There is stress, but it is more because of the nature of public sector work than because of the company. The work environment is friendly and supportive.
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