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From Scarborough, ON — 09/17/2009

I just started working part time at Value Village two weeks ago and this is my impression.

The pay is $9.50, which is minimum wage here, so it's not too bad (I mean, better than working at McDonalds for the same price). I usually work four or five hour shifts, every weekday (five times a week).

The managers and supervisors are really nice and respect the team members -- everyone pretty much gets along with each other and if you have any questions, they are more than happy to clarify things for you.

I read what the other people have to say about the whole privacy thing and the management inspecting your lockers and bags and purses. Well, that doesn't happen in my store. Every time I've finished a shift, I'd just tell my supervisor I was leaving, and she'd thank me for working that day, and I'd leave. I've never seen anyone have their personal belongings rummaged through by the management or anyone else. They probably do that at other stores because in the past one of the employees might have stolen from them and they want to prevent that from happening.

Anyway, the work/life balance is pretty good. I took a semester off school to work and take some special courses, so my schedule fits pretty well. I usually get the midday shift though (from 11am-4pm) so it's a bit frustrating that I have to plan my day around it and don't really start living until after work.

My co-workers are very helpful and when they see me doing something wrong, they tell me how I could do the work more efficiently and with less effort. Most of the work consists of picking clothes and housewares off the floor and putting it back on the racks/shelves, or putting stuff back to its proper place after shoppers misplace them. (Gotta do this for pretty much the whole shift unless you're taking old merchandise off the racks for recycling.)

I think one of the perks is that you can inconspicuously browse through the clothes while you're working and make a mental note of what you might want to buy later with your 50% discount (ie. Guess jeans and Parasuco jackets) :D

Overall, it's a pretty decent place to work, especially for a first job. The tasks are pretty mundane and repetitive, but you might get the odd customer who will ask for help deciding what to buy. Simple first job, not a lot of brainpower required, easy money I suppose if you don't mind being bored sometimes.
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