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From Mount Vernon, WA — 09/23/2008

The pay is minimum wage ($8.07) which kind of sucks but I suppose the employee discount makes up for it a bit. I don't feel completely like I'm just a number but I don't exactly feel like a fellow human either on most days. One supervisor is extremely fun and has a good sense of humor but the other that I usually work with can be cold and irritable which really wears on me. The location sucks because it's outside of the main shopping town and the bus system in this area is terribly useless for anyone who works past 8pm. I feel like I was a bit thrown into things without a whole lot of training. The computer training mostly just taught me about the history of the company and about how I'm expected to behave and not much about how things actually work (all voids, paging system, return policy, etc.) I've been put on call one day a week which is a huge pain because when I was hired I explained that I needed a schedule consistent to the bus schedule and they agreed but never came through. It's a job that I don't mind but I'm not really attached to it and I feel no loyalty for Savers.
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