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Job Security1
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From columbus,ohio — 12/20/2008

Well I thought my pay was great. I job hunted and would have had to take a paycut to leave the company. Respect I had respect from managers and follew co-workers.I worked and help as much as i could to benifit the store.I had earned their respect.Benifits could have been better. Changing insurance compaines does not always help,but at least i had insurance.My work eviroment was fine. The mgrs were expierenced and got their hands dirty. I have no complaints about them. Co-workers you have to learn not to judge them and hold them to your work ethic.And if you are a teamlead it was and is your responsiblety to train them.Job security well it obviously is poor since the company is going out of business. Over all I had good experiences with value city,worked with hardworking people who were trying to support their families.I would not trade my career with valucity for anything.My managers tought me a lot, things i can take with me to secure other employment. Could it have been better, sure it could have but your job is only as fun or rewarding as you make it. I find it hard to beleive that eveybody posting has poor things to say.I think your sorry you have lost your jobs and want to shame the company by bashing it. But what good is that going to do now that it is out of business?
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