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From Kalamazoo, MI — 08/25/2010

I love this place. In 2010 we earned the “Best of the Best” workplace award for all of west Michigan. Hands down, this is the best place I have ever worked. I hope to retire from Valley Oak. We have only suffered one employee loss. I am on the human resources team and know the efforts the firm went to to coach this employee and help her. She was terminated after several months of performance coaching sessions due to lack performance. Like a cancer, one misguided employee can sicken the bunch if management doesn’t act properly. Not the case here. We are ‘cancer’ free and loving it. We continue to experience exciting growth, both in clients and new team members. I love our quarterly fun outings and celebrations, shopping trips for birthdays, family environment, diversity in career tasks, and genuine care and concern all the VOF team have for one another. You hear about open door policy at other places, but it’s the real deal at Valley Oak. The owners invite everyone into the firm’s offsite retreats and share so much with us. I have never before worked someplace where I felt like the owners truly and sincerely cared for their staff like at Valley Oak Financial.
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