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From Butler, PA — 09/11/2009

I'm a school bus driver. I don't know what's worse ... the company or the school district. They're both pitiful, IMO.
I've been driving or 18 years. I have to honestly say that I HATE my job. I hate everything about it.
There was a time when I enjoyed it. I found it to be ideal & I was content. But with each passing year, it seems
to be getting worse and worse.
First - the pay is awful. Every year you are given a raise, BUT they are adding more students/stops to the run. I would gladly give back the lousy dollar if they take off that extra HOUR of running around.
Second - the kids are getting worse. WHY? I'm sure there are many reasons. The main reason probably being the lack of discipline both at home and within the school system. It's a joke!
Third - The owner of the company is a TYRANT. He talks down to the employees & treats them like they are a bunch of braindead idiots.

The school district - ha haha... Let's start with Transportation! There's a certain someone that is living proof that you don't have to have an education, or a high school diploma in fact, to do that job. There's only ONE job you DO have to know how to do.

If you ever consider becoming a bus driver - DON'T! Don't put yourself through the misery.
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