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From Seymour In. — 11/11/2008

Valeo Sylvania
I have been reading a lot of crap from some of you dead beats, if you think Valeo is such a bad place to work, then why don't you quit. There are plenty of people who would love to have your job. Why don't you try standing on the back of a trash truck in the dead of winter, or go work out at Rose Acre Farms scooping up chickin poop for 8 hours a day. No place is purfect, and we all have to give a little at times. I have worked at a lot of places over the years, and I have yet to see any place I have been to be purfect. I have met all kinds of people over the years, and there have been good and bad. But it is people like you who complain all the time that makes the work invirement bad. If you would just shut up and do your own job, and not worry what is going on with other people, then you would't have time to complain. No it's people like you, who just want to start trouble and get people all stured up. Yes we do have some supervisors who have their pets, that get away with things. But I'll bet if you were one of them, then you wouldn't be on here complaining. There are supervisors that do things that we would get fired for, if the upper management knew about it. I have seen reject tags riped off skids, and the product sent to other locations to be built into lamps, without any checking for any more bad parts. Some part have even been sent out the door after a reject tag has been riped off. And we wonder why bad parts get to the customers,and why we are loosing customers. All supervisors are not bad, but the few that are makes the whole place look bad. If you think you can do a better job than the ones we have, then go for it, let see how long you last. I know your type, sorry dead beat, poor excuse of a person. Always crying because you can't get your way, you know why no one likes you? It's because you are always complaining, I have to do this or why do I have to go there. My supervisor don't like me. Well you dead beat cry baby, did you ever stop and think that maybe the reason the supervisor chose you is because you were the best person for the job. Someone he/she knew they could count on to do the job wright. Sure I have been told to do things I didn't like, I do a lot of things I don't like. But it all ends well when my boss hands me my pay check.
If this makes you mad, then all I have said, must have been right on the money,you are a dead beat cry baby, always looking for ways to start trouble, and keep people stured up. So do us all a favor and quit we don't people like you at Valeo.
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