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From seymour in — 10/29/2008

the days of making big bucks is over. we at valeo make good wages for this area of the country. if you dont believe me look for a job elsewhere and see how much they offer.same with benefits and job security.there are only so much career potential/growth within a company,but i do think they could look within the seymour facility for people who would make good supervisors,and upper management. after all most of us have worked here a long time and have good ideas as to how to make our company a better place. most of us live in jackson and surrounding counties so location is balance i have a responsibility to valeo to be here my 8 hour shift and valeo shouldnt demand that i be here more than that unless there is a problem like machine repair, high demand for product,etc. you wouldnt like it if your baby sitter called in every other day because they were sick so dont expect sylvania to like it when some people call in sick once a week. these are the people who make it hard on the rest of us!
i work with some people who should be fired for their incompetence they make the same money that i do yet when something needs to be done our supervisors always come to the people who can do what they know needs to be done this is one unfair thing that goes on. finally, stop doing stupid things like moving people from one place to another every few days leave us in one place! let us get good at what we are doing instead of having us guess what we are doing,or where we will be doing it at every day we come in
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