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From San Antonio, TX — 07/21/2010

I worked in the IT department and can say it is not as bad as a lot of these reviews make it out to be. I imagine working in policy service is quite different, either way I would say it has more to do with who you work for/with. I felt the biggest problem was that there were too many people at some management level who really didn't have a clue about what they were managing. I believed this is why they spend so much time trying to manage people instead of concentrating on improving processes.
I can honestly say my average work week was easily below 40 hrs (I was salary). That is not to say I did not have some long nights or weekends when needed, but I always made sure I made up for it with a few 3 hr days, 18 holes at lunch, etc. That is great for work life balance, but it will not get you promoted. I never understood the people always talking about how they put in 60, 70+ hours, until I found out management was more impressed with how many hours you work (or reported) instead of what you produced. I believe it is an unwritten policy that you must put in 20% overtime as a salaried employee to get promoted.
They also have no idea how to utilize people when it comes to IT. What are you supposed to think when you come to USAA for a fairly high level technical position making 6 figures and get put on the help desk. Then have to hear your boss complain because you make more than he/she does.
What I have said about management does not reflect every one of them at usaa, there are actually some very good ones who do know what they are managing and are concerned about the people they manage being happy. I would definitely go back to work there if I every get to a point in my life where living in San Antonio would be ideal.
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