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From Sacramento — 07/08/2010

I retired from USAA after 23 years of service. I read all these negative reviews and I can understand why they have been made. I worked for USAA during the "golden" era of McDermott and Herres. After the "CIT" debacle the company started a slow change which turned the company (all offices) into a giant call center. I was a claims field employee (outside) and took an inside manager postion. That was a huge mistake. The last few years under the Davis regime were intolerable. The pressure on the employees to handle their claims, take calls for other employees, sell products on every call, endure phone monitoring and constant criticism was overwhelming. Claims adjusters were given many more claims than could be handled properly. The claims load was always increasing, but we never got new employee authorizations. Every month there was a new duty that was piled on to their workload. We used to call it "the new flavor of the month". The phone availabilty statistics they kept were mind numbing. As a manager, I felt sorry for my employees, but there was very little I could do.

When I started working at USAA the environment was friendly and loose. We worked hard, we worked independently, thought for ourselves and the managers respected us. Overall, I had a good run, but the last few years were stressful, I hated it.

I must say that the pay and benifits were great.
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