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From San Antonio, TX — 06/07/2010

USAA is an excellent company to work for. I would not have guessed that after five years at USAA I'd be thinking of spending the rest of my career here, but I can't imagine leaving at this point. From the work I do to the team I work with, I'm extremely happy to be here. I do work hard along with my teammates, but its very rewarding. This company receives endless awards and in large part I am sure that is due to the quality of the workforce. Plus in the recent terrible economic conditions this company has never been stronger.

The benefits are excellent - anyone who says otherwise quickly makes it obvious they are disillusioned. I must say that I'm in IT, and so I can not fully empathize with those who are/were member service reps however I do have a tremendous amount of respect for those that do work the phones. I'm sure it could be really tough.

One thing that you have to realize is that with over 20K employees and I'm sure something like 15K in service rep positions you are going to have to weed out some of the dead wood on an ongoing basis. With that you are going to have a decent number of people let go like the majority of those that seem to be "venting" on this website. With all due respect there is clear bitterness within most of the negative posts that are in many cases untruthful about the work environment here. Seeing someone let go has been infrequent in my experience here, and I've never seen a solid employee fired...its only been poor performers who probably didn't belong here in the first place.

This place isn't perfect, but I'm one of thousands of employees here that love my job. I have plenty of opportunity to go somewhere else, but I have no plans to do so anytime in the near future and if I ever due I'm sure it will be a very tough choice based upon the things I would have to leave behind.
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