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From Colorado Springs — 04/08/2010

I have seen a lot of negative reviews here and I'm happy to say that I have had a totally opposite experience so far. I have been exceedingly happy so far. Lets get to some important stuff first. They pay very competitively. I got a fairly substantial raise compared to my last job, which was comparable to what I do now. They blow everyone out of the water with benefits. They pay $5,500 UP FRONT for any education expenses after 90 days, and that can be raised to $10,000 with approval. They have great health insurance that includes a medical expense account that they provide. They put $1000 in each year and it rolls over every year up to $7,500. Just charge your Visa and you never pay out of pocket at all. It gets even better if you accumulate health points (fortaking exams and eating right). They will take another $300 off of your insurance cost each year. Awesome gym. They rebate your membership fees up to 75% based on how many visits you clock each year. Awesome cafe that really does have healthy food (it's expensive though). They really care about your health and well being. There is on site massage, counseling, and a nurse.

I am a Member Relations Specialist with USAA. I have just been trained and certified and I am on the floor taking calls. My entire training class was competent and professional as are almost the entire staff that I work with. Having worked in several call centers, including competing insurance companies, I can say that USAA is by far the most professional, hardest working, most dedicated, and the most fun. Everyone I have met so far is respectful and believes that they are making a difference. Of course being in a call center means that you are monitored. You have metrics that they tell you about up front just like any other call center job and they want you to perform. Know that ahead of time. It is part of your job. Ask questions and you won't be surprised. They won't lie to you. Your calls are also audited. You have to be comfortable with it. They are not criticizing you. They are telling you that there are ways that you can do things better, even if the call was almost perfect in every way. That is called dedication to the customer. My coaches have never been condescending or rude at all. My manager is very happy go lucky and has all sorts of prizes, team activities, and celebrations without making you feel like you are in preschool again like my last employer did.

USAA is diverse. They recognize and accommodate any race, religion, or sexual preference.

USAA uses a trend based attendance policy. If you are gone four times a month there is a problem. If you are gone every other Monday there is a problem. If you are sick, need a snow day, a simple break because you are stressed, or just can't get time off for something you want to do and you miss work, you will not be fired for it. If you talk to your manager you can pretty much get anything you need taken care of. You just have to tell them what is going on and they will help you. If they won't, another one will.

I have had nothing but good experiences here so far and I plan on staying as long as we both feel that I am doing a good job.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you are not going to just move up from the bottom to a VP position overnight. They want to see dedication and they expect you to do the job that you were hired for, not see you move 12 months after you show up.

I highly recommend USAA, especially to those who are trying to work and go to school or get professional designations. They make it almost free and very easy.
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