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From San Antonio, TX — 10/17/2009

I have had the pleasure of working at USAA for the past 5 years. One thing is certain in this company, you get back what you put in. I have worked hard to move up in the company and have gotten back alot in return. My salary has doubled since I began working there, the benefits are excellent, I receive alot of appreciation and gratitude from all of the management, and there is incredible growth potential. If you want an easy job where you aren't expected to perform, USAA is not the place for you. You will work hard every day you are there. But the harder you work, the quicker the clock ticks, and the sooner you get home. Give your all while you are there and leave work at work. I am a salaried employee and I have an excellent work/life balance. It is completely manageable with a husband, a family, and oh yeah... did I mention USAA was paying for me to get my MBA? Incredible company that I feel privledged to work at. Employees should feel grateful for the incredible company that is USAA. In these times where many financial companies are closing their doors, USAA is giving sizeable performance bonuses. Yes it is true that the pension plan is not anything like it was in the good old days. But if that didn't change, would USAA be able to stay afloat??? It's up to each employee to plan for their own retirement. USAA contributes 8% to your 401k, pays for short term disability, offers 6 weeks vacation per year, offers many free programs for counseling, contributes far more than 90% of other companies when it comes to healthcare... I could go on. How many companies can say that?
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