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From San Francisco, CA — 08/30/2006

I spent 4 years on the Navy and after being out for two years and seeing the debt rack up from the wife going to law school I quit school and went into the Coast Guard. I went from an E5 in the Navy down to an E3 since I hated my job in the Navy and I didn't want anything to do with being a GM in the CG. I spent 9 months on a ship 6 of that was in South America. I've spent over 3 years on a ship in the Navy and hated it but I LOVED my sea time in the CG. We siezed over 15 tons of cocaine and tookout 17 drug runners. The CG is so much different from every other branch of the service, your treated better and people accually care about you. I hate being treated like a number. Everyone in the CG seems to understand if something is going on (ie family, medical) and they will do everything they can to help you out. I'm at an Air Station right now and I'm home 6 days out of the week and on my duty day I have the wife come over to my room and stay the night. I can't say enough good things about the CG. If your considering the military go check out the CG before seeing anouther recruiter, I've noticed that the CG doesn't really care if you join or not. They have a list a mile long of people that they turn away and it's usually a wait to go to boot camp but the wait is worth it. One last thing. Anyone who marks Career Potential/Growth lower then a 4 is just plain lazy. The military offers several tuition assistance programs and the possibilities are endless, you'll never have someone tell you that you can't become an Admiral.
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