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From Tulsa, OK — 08/19/2008

I've been reading a lot of negative remarks about U.S. Cellular. I don't know about the working conditions of other locations (whether in a store or in a call center) but what I do know is that my experience in the call center in Tulsa was very good. I'm not one for being a cheer-leader for any company, but in all honesty, U.S. Cellular is by far one of the better places to work (at least in Tulsa). Tulsa seems to really attract a lot of companies that do business using call centers. I don't know if this is because the cost of living is lower than the national average or what, but it seems like there are plenty of call centers in that town. I started out making $11.99 per hour with a shift differential for working 3rd shift. Overtime was plentiful and I never had a problem working the hours I chose. My only real "complain" is that the job I wanted was not available. I knew I would have to start at the bottom (customer service) and work my way up and quite frankly I chose not to do that. Instead, I quit U.S. Cellular and went to work in the I.T. field (computer desktop support) because the starting wage was higher ($17 per hr). Had a computer tech support position been available at USC I would still be employed with them as I feel they have a very good work environment and benefits package.
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