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3.2Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth1
Work Environment2

From GREENSBORO NC — 06/24/2010

I've given the ratings present because although UPS has great job security, advancement is not an option. I've been in the same position since i've began working there in 1998. To survive i've always had to work another job because UPS didnt offer full-time positions unless a certain senority level was met. Today, senority is no longer an issue. Because of economic conditions, UPS is no longer offering any full-time positions period.

Respect really isnt a problem for nonmanagment positions, thanks to the union. Management could read a book or two on people skills but its a bunch of men doing manual labor, what you expect? The work environment is terrible in the summer and winter months, but spring and fall is feasible. There is a ton of dust floating non-stop within the building so if you have allergies, you may want to reconsider UPS as an option.

You cant beat the benefits, they are free!

I was reading others reviews and was shocked at some of the things i read. At the Greensboro hub we arent given breaks of any kind. If you leave the area to use the restroom its required to let the supervisor know so he can keep tab of how long you are gone. You are expected to work non-stop for 3-1/2 hours regardless of the fact that you are standing and lifting packages that weigh up to 70 lbs over your head.

The only thing i like about this job is that you wont be laid off if you work the primary positions, you get two consecutive days off, my shift we always have sat and sun, you basically can come in whenever you want, and you have free benefits. This is defintely not a place to build a career.
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