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From Ontario, CA — 06/19/2010

I've been with UPS for a while now as a Pre-Loader, and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I started, I honestly wanted to quit but after a few changes (moving a diverter), I found my job to be a lot easier, and very manageable. I do my job well, and the fact that I get more work to do isn't bad because I get more hours on my paycheck. It's true. At UPS, if you're a good worker, your reward is MORE hard work, but to me that's a good thing, I guess it just depends on who you talk to.

Pay - Well, the pay isn't that bad. When you start it sucks because if you start in the load-side, you start off at 9.50, but you don't see that much because as a newbie, you get few hours, and the union takes a LOT out of your paycheck, so that sucked. But as time went on, I started seeing a lot more money in my weekly check, so that's good.

Respect - At UPS, respect is earned, it's not given to you. If you're a terrible worker, generally, supervisors won't like you and they'll shout at you, but that's everywhere. I can easily think of 10 loaders in my operation who are hated by the supervisors and that get written up on a daily basis. So, respect is earned, and when you work well and smartly, generally your co-workers will respect you as well.

Benefits - You can't beat UPS benefits. Complete coverage for you and your family? The best in the U.S.

Job Security - Another great thing about UPS, well, great and bad. The union protects your job, but initially, you better watch your ass. Don't MISLOAD! You'll notice yourself working really hard at first, but that the other guys around you aren't working hard, why? It's because of the union, and that's the bad part. The union lets workers do a half-assed job while you have to pick up their slack. But, overall, it's generally REALLY hard to get fired if you're showing up on time and doing your job.

Work/Life Balance - At first, it's tough because your body is getting accustomed to such a physically demanding job, but eventually you adjust and get used to it. When I first started, I was REALLY debating about quitting or not and this was the biggest problem. I was missing classes at school, I was sleeping all the time, my body was sore, but eventually I caught on and I feel fine.

Career Potential/Growth - Unless you get an engineering degree, or an MBA, or want to become a driver, don't move up. Supervisors exist to be yelled at at UPS. Because of the union, supervisors are responsible for their workers, so when upper management sees something wrong, they don't yell at the workers, they yell at the supervisors. So, like I said, unless you want to move up to become a driver, or get a really good upper-management opening, don't do it. You'll regret it.

Location - The location isn't too bad. It's about 10-15 minutes from where I live in Riverside.

Co-worker Competence - Big reason why I like my job. The guys in my pen are really good workers, generally there on time, some slow, some fast, but I've made good friends there at UPS. We bring donuts for each other, buy breakfasts, joke around with sups, make fun of each other, the job seems to go by a LOT faster.

Work Environment - Because I've become friends with the guys I work with, and because I have a very good supervisor, and a good set of drivers that I load for, the environment that I PERSONALLY work at is really nice. Although, the environment can be VERY confrontational at times when supervisors are yelling at you and when drivers yell at you. It all depends on where you work at.

So, for the most part, I'm really happy with my job at UPS, it's all what you make of it honestly. If you're considering a part-time job and UPS is hiring, take it. But, understand, it'll beat the hell out of you, that's for sure.
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